Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Weather

Autumn leaves

Diane von furstenberg tops NAVY, 85 GBP
Stella McCartney Pleated wool mini skirt, 455 GBP
Savor in Berry, $278
Mulberry Nude Neely Bag Spongy Patent | Damen > Taschen |, 940 EUR
Michael Kors Rose gold-plated chronograph watch, $250
Diane von Furstenberg Masons animal-print wool-blend scarf, $145
Christian Dior Lace Face Highlighting Powder - Peach Lace No. 002, $60

Fall is definately here and in Montreal we can expect some pretty varied weather.  A reader ( thanks Eunice for your comment) asked me to suggest ways to dress for the cooler mornings and warm afternoons. The only thing I can really say is layers, layers and more layers.  Think cardigans over shirts or sleeveless dresses so you can easily peel off a layer to be comfortable in the afternoon.  Also bring a pretty scarf like the one above along with a blazer or other lightweight jacket for the mornings.  Hope that answers your question, but please do ask more if you have any!  Happy Hump day!

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