Friday, June 3, 2011

miroslava duma

So as I am preparing for my Russian trip, I am looking to Miroslava Duma for some packing inspiration. She was an editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia and is now a freelance writer. Miroslava Duma is the daughter of Vasilay Duma, a Russian senator. She has become known as a fashion icon internationally and loved by bloggers for her great style. I personally love how she uses colors, different patterns and textures in her wardrobe.  She has been photographed by famous street photographers and hope to have a sighting when in Moscow!


  1. Oh, thank you for bringing her to my attention! I try to have punches of color like that and I will definitely have to browse photos of her to get some more ideas. (: Also, how exciting is it that you're going to Russia?!

  2. Miroslava Duma always looks so gorgeous & perfectly put together! Great feature!