Monday, July 25, 2011

Orange Delight

I know I have been MIA lately, but been super busy since my return.  The weather has been really warm these days, but I certainly won't complain.  I 've been hydrating myself with my favorite drink from Starbucks : Passion fruit lemonade (mmm so good and fresh).  Also decided to wear my new pants from Zara this weekend for our little getaway to Mont Tremblant.  They are really light and comfortable to wear.  I think I just found my new fave summer purchase!  What is yours??

Have a great Monday and enjoy all the good weather!


  1. Those pants look perfect for the hot weather, nice and airy!

    The passion fruit lemonade is a fave summer drink of mine too, so yummy!

  2. yes i agree those pants are also one of my fav purchases this summer too!! thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting please do come back and visit!

  3. adore these pants...Saw them yesterday at Zara! xo

  4. WOW,love your pants, so stylish!