Monday, April 4, 2011

beauty must haves

1. Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray
2. American Apparel Nailpolish
3. Molten Brown Body Scrub
4. Guerlain Bronzing Powder
5. Nars Semi-matte Lipstick

Thought I would do something different and post about beauty. I'm not really high maintenance in this area and definitely no expert. But here are some beauty purchases I am looking to make now that the weather is finally warmer. Lately I've been really into beach hair, with colorful toes and lips and super smooth tanned skin. Basically that "I was just at the beach look"! Hard to achieve in Montreal but that's where the bronzer comes in handy!

Please share some beauty tips of yours with me!


  1. i've been wanting to try bumble and bumble too! i've always used john friedas beach spray but hear b&b's is tops.

  2. I hear it is a really good product and Sephora is now carrying it, so will def get next time I am there!

  3. B&B's Surf Spray is the best. Love it in the summer and I will need to check out that pink Nars. Looks super cute.

  4. I love the surf spray! works so well on the beach!

    Miss Neira

  5. Loving the color of the lipstick! I have the surf spray and I when I'm on the beach but it definitely drys your hair out so don't over use it! xo