Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2.Hunter red rain boot,$125
3.Marc by Marc Jacobs umbrella,$48
4.Furla Handbags - Candy S Bauletto ,$195
5.Love Quotes Scarves fringe scarve,$75
6.Oribe Soft Lacquer Hair Spray,$42

Just when you think spring has sprung, the cold and wet weather hits you right in the face.  This past weekend was really windy and rainy and continued into Monday.  But I usually try to protect myself from the rain with some water proof boots and  great accessories like this  plastic Furla bag.  Bloggers everywhere have been sporting it in all the different colors!

What do you guys wear to stay dry?


  1. i definitely need new wellies. my j crew ones are on their last leg.. time to jump on the hunter boat :)

  2. seriously...we had 2 days of sun and now it's back to the cold. Bring it back!!!! Wellies are always the perfect solution to stay dry! xo