Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Arm Candy for the workplace

(Miss WorkiGirl wearing MK watch, mom's link bracelet, DIY orange bracelet, Fun & Basics mint green bracelet and BR bangle)

(Blair from Atlantic - Pacific blog)
(Taylor from Sterling Style)
(For a more casual look, here is one from Sincerely, Jules)

Arm candy is everywhere these days and I love it!!  I am a really big fan of piled on jewels but need to keep in mind that the look is not always office appropriate. Also beware of jingly jewelry in the workplace as it can sometimes be distracting. Therefore I usually don't go overboard on the bracelets for work, but simply add a couple of more classy pieces. Above are some great options for those who like silver or gold (or a mix of both). So start piling it on ladies and let me know which is your fave?  


  1. I like so much your blog. Come and check out out mine.


  2. Love your arm candy! I am a big fan as well.. love layering bracelets! -Rachel (adistinctstyle.blogspot.com)

  3. I adore all of the jewellery - fabulous! <3


  4. love your shoes!!!