Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Playing Favorites

New Specs from Oliver Peoples (Wacks model)

(Shoes that will be be in constant rotation for Fall)

New Shirt from Mink Pink

(Maison Scotch shirt with feather pattern)

This was both a lazy and healthy weekend, where I got to sleep in, exercise and just enjoy.  I have been working some pretty late hours as of late and really needed to start a healthy routine.  So to do that I went jogging along the canal close to the Atwater market, ate fresh vegetables from my garden and gave myself a facial.  I also did a little shopping where I bought 2 new shirts (see above), picked up my new nerdy chic eyeglasses and picked my favorite shoes to be worn this fall.

What was your long weekend like??

1 comment:

  1. I love Mink Pink and Maison Scotch. I wish I'd gone to the sale :(
    You should put them on and post of picture of yourself, I want to know what your new fall outfits will look like :D