Sunday, November 7, 2010

5 Things that get me through the work week

1. Blogging and reading blogs:  After a long day at work I really look forward to coming home and visiting some lovely blogs with great images and topics varying from fashion, interior design and lifestyle.  Some of my American faves are Cupcakes and cashmere, Song of Style, Fashion Toast, Belle Maison and Made by Girl.  Also love the Canadian True North Style, Quality Rivets, Blushing and Sweet, and Une Parisienne a Montreal.  Have a look, you might get hooked too!

2. Yoga and other exercise:  I have been trying to make a conscious effort to go to yoga at least once a week and to hit the gym two other times in the week.  It is really hard but feels so rewarding when you have done it. Hot yoga is especially great because it so feels so warm when it is so cold outside, relaxing and yet such a such a hard workout. Moksha is my favorite spot in Montreal to practice.  If you live in the area check it out!

3. A good cup of tea:Don't get me wrong I love Starbucks too,but at work I like to drink tea since the coffee there is so bad!!  So when I need a break I head off for some green tea or milky oolong for a little breather. My cup of tea is my fave!

4. DIY manicure:Sunday night I will usually pamper myself and paint my nails for the week. I find it is relaxing and very easy to do. I try to pick a color which is both professional and stylish. Big Apple Red from OPI and Metro Chic from Sephora seems to be the winners these days. But also very current these days are the Khaki inspired colors from Chanel below:

5. Getting in a good episode of Gossip Girl:Ok so this is my guilty pleasure. I know I may not be the targeted audience, but I really enjoy this show. The outfits are to die for and the scheming is so funny! I love it when Blair is up to no good! Look how cute little J looks, I guess this was before she became all gothic barbie on us. 


  1. Thank you for mentioning Made By Girl! :))) We'll get your mention on a future thank you post!

  2. Thank you for mentioning Made By Girl! :))) We'll get your mention on a future thank you post!