Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Wishlist

Wish list

So this is my version of a letter to Santa!  I am really wanting some type of lace up bootie or oxford in gray which can match with black and brown  (Please ignore what my husband says about the 12 pair of boots I already own and how I don't need any more).  I also would want anything from the T by Alexander Wang collection (but this slouchy one above is fabulous). This Balenciaga perfume in on the list since it is so soft and fresh and I've been a really good girl this year and deserve it.  A cashmere scarf in grey and classic black bag is just what ever girl needs! 
P.S.this list is too short and will add more as the holidays approach! Also would love more followers, please sign up if you haven't already.  Thanks!


  1. I would like everything on your wishlist too!I'd have to smell the Balenciaga first but the bottle is already very nice:)
    Love your style-icons, their my inspiration as well.


  2. Everything is sort of affordable except the scarf. So let's try to find it this Sunday =P