Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rocking to the 70's vibe

(BCBG sweater, Zara pants, Michael Kors shoes and watch, random bag and necklace)
The clogs, wide leg and woolly sweater are all reminiscent of the 70's but with a modern twist. They're also warm which is perfect for the cold weather we are having!  Apart from going to work and running errands I've been staying in lately. It feels good to come home after work and relax with a hot chocolate and some good magazines.  This weekend will try to go out to restaurant week which is happening in Old Montreal. Have a great hump day!


  1. I like your style!! For my job is perfect!!! and for all day too!!! Nice photos!!! I follow you!!!

  2. i love the pics; yellow tinges makes me think old school, like 70s chic!

    i didn't know it was resto week! thanks, i just called and made reservations!

  3. What magazines do you recommend??

  4. Frankie Fearts FashionJanuary 19, 2011 at 8:20 PM

    I'm totally loving your wool trousers...and that necklace adds the perfect pop to the outfit! xo

  5. Hey Mauricio,

    Thanks for asking! I love to read In Style, Harper's Bazaar and Lucky. I also enjoy looking at home decor mags like Style at Home.