Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A basic skirt that can be worn with everything

(H&M top, Zara skirt, Michael Kors clogs, Paul & Friends scarf, LV bag)
Over the past weekend I had to work on some school stuff since I am taking a class, but got to still go out for some all you can eat sushi, celebrate my grandfather's b-day and shop a little bit. I purchased this camel skirt at Zara which is basic and can be worn with many things for different looks. I paired it with a striped top for work but will definitely wear it with a jean shirt for the weekend. Whenever I buy something I always want it to match with everything. I have this fear  that it can only be worn with one thing and therefore not very wearable. Also found the perfect red nailpolish from OPI called "Got the blues for Red".  

What is your favorite nail color?


  1. I love the skirt so much. You look great.


  2. GingerchocolatehoneyFebruary 8, 2011 at 11:37 AM

    Definitely red black N°18 by Chanel.
    Loooooooooooove your outfit!!!
    I finally received my favorite Louis Vuitton bag. Take a look at my last post & Give me your opinion !!!

  3. That pleated skirt is perfect! Love hoe you paired it with the striped top...Have a good day girl! xx

  4. I love this skirt, it's cute yet sophisticated! I am loving "You Don't Know Jacques" from OPI... Very 2010 though, so I am a bit behind on the grey-nail-polish trend...

  5. I love everything about your outfit! The perfect stripe shirt with a beautifully simple camel skirt, doesn't get much better than that ;)

  6. wanna be the one commenting on the bracelet! Nice match!

  7. Designrefinebemine - rachelFebruary 14, 2011 at 6:51 PM

    M. Kors sure knows how to make shoes. Those are awesome and even better with your outfit. Ps. Loved what's good about you. It made me laugh so I vote your darn funny. :)