Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A woman's best friend: Jewelery

(Blair from Atlantic-Pacific)

(My set of bangles and cuffs)

(My jewelery stand)

(Noemiah business card )

Ok so diamonds are a girl's best friend, but let's be more general and talk about jewelery.  I just discovered Atlantic-Pacific and instantly fell in love with Blair's style. She has a knack at putting outfits together and then adding great jewelery to make perfect ensembles. Which got me thinking that I should mix more jewelery into my daily outfits (now added to my resolutions/objectives list for 2011). I also decided that I should invest in the classics like some good old David Yurman and and other special pieces from local designers such as Noemiah.


  1. Hey Sab, I totally really is a girl's best friend (along with shoes of course!!!). Sadly I have had to lock away most of my favourite pieces in my jewelry box because it looks like my 8 months old son shares the same jewelry fascination as I do...only he seems to be more interested in discovering what each item tastes like :)!

    Take care,
    Connie xoxo

  2. Oops I mean "jewel-e-ry" (apparently its a tricky word to spell...LOL).

  3. I agree...I am a big fan of jewelry and accessories! When in doubt add more.:) xo

  4. Oh yes, jewelry can do wonders to an otherwise average outfit. My favorite is rings! They make my fingers feel magical.

  5. I love your jewelry organization as well as the pieces themselves.